Creating a Stack

A Stack is a private PaaS installed into your Google Cloud account. Once you have a Stack running you can use it to deploy and manage your applications and backing resources. You can create a stack from our CLI.

| => datacol init -h
    init - create new stack

    init [command options] [arguments...]

   --stack value         Name of stack (default: "dev")
   --project value       GCP project name or id to use
   --zone value          zone for stack (default: "us-east1-b")
   --bucket value        GCP storage bucket
   --nodes value         number of nodes in container cluster (default: 2)
   --cluster value       name for existing Kubernetes cluster in GCP
   --machine-type value  name of machine-type to use for cluster (default: "n1-standard-1")
   --preemptible         use preemptible vm
   --opt-out             Opt-out from getting updates by email by datacol

A standard Stack will include following resources -

Deleting a Stack

If you want to delete a Stack, you can simply run datacol destroy command. It will safely teardown Kubernetes cluster and all of the apps deployed by Datacol.

STACK=demo datacol destroy

Currently we don’t support automatic deletion for following resources from console -